Peacock for Sale in Pakistan

From the rich tapestry of the regal Indian Peafowl to the mesmerizing allure of the White Peafowl, our collection brings you closer to these majestic creatures. Discover the rare beauty of the Spalding Peafowl, be captivated by the bold Black Shouldered Peafowl, and explore the exotic charm of the Green Peafowl.

From rural settings to urban gardens, these dazzling birds transform spaces into spectacles of nature’s artistry. Step into our world and find your perfect peacock today!

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Black Shoulder Peacock Pair

Original price was: ₨48,000.Current price is: ₨45,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Keep Peafowls as Pets?

Yes, peafowls are popular pets known for their striking colors and impressive tail feathers. Each of our varieties makes a unique addition to any space.

2. What Kind of Environment do Peafowls Need?

Peafowls thrive in spacious, safe environments. They need a clean area to roam, shelter from the weather, and a balanced diet.

3. Are Peafowls Difficult to Care for?

While they require more care than some traditional pets, with a little preparation and understanding, peafowls can be wonderful companions.

4. How Long do Peafowls Live?

With proper care, peafowls can live up to 20 years or more.

5. Do Peafowls Fly?

Yes, peafowls can fly short distances and are excellent climbers.