African Grey Parrot Price in Pakistan

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African Grey Parrot – Self Feed

Original price was: ₨90,000.Current price is: ₨85,000.

African Grey Parrot Chicks Hand Feed

Original price was: ₨85,000.Current price is: ₨83,000.

At, we pride ourselves on providing only the healthiest and most ethically sourced African Grey parrots. Our comprehensive selection showcases the two main subspecies: the Congo African Grey and the Timneh African Grey, each with its unique charm and temperament.

Beyond their captivating looks, African Greys are celebrated for their capacity to mimic sounds and human speech with exceptional clarity. They are astute, sensitive companions that, when cared for properly, can share a lifetime of joy with their human counterparts.

Every African Grey parrot at comes with a guarantee of quality, ensuring they have been nurtured in the best environments and given the optimum care they deserve. Our commitment doesn't end at the point of purchase. Our website is teeming with resources on African Grey care, nutrition, training, and more, to ensure you and your feathered friend share many happy moments together.

If you're contemplating bringing an African Grey parrot into your home, look no further than Dive deep into a world where nature meets nurture, and experience the unparalleled companionship of one of the world’s most intelligent avian wonders. Secure your piece of the wild today and let the symphony of nature resonate in your living space.