Pakistan's Largest Online Pet Store.


We are online bird store located in Karachi Pakistan, we deal in all kinds of Pets and birds as well as some wild animals like lion and deer. We also deal in pet foods for example dog food, cat food, parrot food and medicines for your pets available online in our store and our different branches located in Karachi, Pakistan. You can order dog food and cat food online from our store with free delivery all over Pakistan. We also offer different discounts, you can contact us via our contact us page our this number (03101124195) to order your pet food or order birds online in Pakistan.

Our bird shop online comes with bird foods from all leading birds including; Peacock, Turkey, Finch, Diamond Dove, Lovebirds, Grey Parrot, Macaw, Cockatoo, Amazon, Alexandrine Parrot, Green Ringneck, Blue Ringneck, Ducks, Canaries, Java Finch, Batair, Australian Budgies, Egg lying hens, Crane, Flamingo, Shelduck. So, check out the best birds food Pakistan and show your love to your birds.

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