Ringneck Parrots For Sale

Ringneck Parrot or Green Parrot is also known as Katha Tota in Pakistan. They have very strong immune systems. People use green parrots for hatching eggs from other ringnecks.

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Ringneck Parrots For Sale In Pakistan

These parrots feature vibrant green plumage, with a long tail and a distinctive red beak. They are medium-sized birds, typically measuring around 14 to 16 inches (35 to 40 centimeters) in length. Green Ringneck Parrots are known for their intelligence and ability to mimic human speech, making them delightful pets for those seeking interactive companionship.

Ringneck Parrot Price

Green parrots are an affordable option for bird enthusiasts who wish to have them in their aviaries and obtain high-quality breeds. In Pakistan, Green Parrots are available for sale at varying price ranges. Hand Tame Green Parrots tend to be priced higher compared to Simple Green Parrots. We offer a wide range of Green Ringneck Parrots, including chicks, young ones, adults, and both male and female specimens. Stay connected with us to explore the available options and make your choice.


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