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African Grey Parrot Breeding Tips 2024

Grey Parrot Breeding Tips 2020


The grey parrot is also famous to his name as The African Grey Parrot. this parrot belongs to the old parrot family name as Psittacidae. These parrots are very rich in personalities because they called one of the smartest parrot families around us.Such fine parrots are not much easiest to keep but with a little care, you will experience them as the most fascinating pet.They are well cared for and lead long healthy and fruitful lives.

Grey Parrot Breeding Tips 2020

Many researchers and expert breeders have been given the complete procedure and instructions for breeding African grays the entire process is not much simple but if you are a pet lover and want to breed the parrots it will take some time and care. for providing you a better understanding of the procedure we have divided the complete process into six simple steps that can be very helpful for you to breeding the African grays.

Choosing of parrots for breeding stock

First of all, it is very important to pick a young Healthy and active pair. if you don’t have knowledge about it then you can procure the pair from a trustworthy dealer, because as we know diseases can transmit into coming chicks and you may waste your money and time.Clinical experts say that purchase a veterinarian and aviculturist for successful breeding.

Differentiation of male and female Parrots

DNA Sexing and Surgical Sexing are the smartest and most accurate methods for sex determination. Many researchers and experienced breeders recognized a clear sense of sex determination according to the feather and by checking the general look of the parrot Experts say that WE CONSIDER THAT THE MALE PARROTS ARE BRIGHTER, DARKER IN COLOUR AND MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN FEMALE.


Picking up suited pair

As we know many shop keepers try to give us the pair of a parrot by telling us that this pair is Bonding which means these two are in a relationship. but most of the time he tries to sell us the weak one so we should pick them from ourselves.First, the pair of a parrot itself shows some signs of bonding like Mutual preening, feeding, and Shows of affection. And if u couldn’t find these things in a pair of bird that means a pair is not bonded and the shop keeper trying to sell you the two different parrot. it is simply that if there is no bonding there will no breeding.

Building a nice environment and cage

When you pick a suited breeding pair you must need to get the cage and there should a Nest in the cage and provide them good environment you need to set up things like Natural Forests where the parrot breeds according to expert breeders A cage for breeding should 2 feet wide, 3 feet high and 6 feet deep and always try to put the cage at a place where nobody disturbs the parrots and they feel safe.


Don’t think or except that the pair parrot will give you the eggs so quickly as they enter their new home it takes few years even to a boded pair to birth a new parrot. caring for parrot in the right direction helps to produce the chicks easy and quick. African Grays usually lay between one and three eggs per clutch, so making sure you get two or three per breed not only makes your efforts more effective but also maximizes your income from young Grays sales. Provide them a superior diet to ensure they produce healthy chicks from large clutches. A poor diet will lead to producing fewer eggs and weak birds. From your local market, you can get certain feed mixes which are specially formulated to encourage breeding.

african grey parrot breeding tips 2020

Caring for Eggs and Chicks

Eggs hatch after 28-30 days, and the small, young babies come out of the egg. During this time, the mother and father spent more food, since they also had to feed the young. Don’t think about dead hatchlings, because after all, what you’re after are high-quality young birds to sell.Those that don’t survive the natural selection cycle are always those that are frail and ill and therefore won’t develop into excellent specimens that people would like to purchase.


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