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Top 5 Expensive Love birds Breeds in Pakistan

Turquoise Decino Love birds price in pakistan

In the world of avian enthusiasts, love birds hold a special place. These charming and affectionate little parrots have captured the hearts of bird lovers around the globe. While lovebirds are known for their vibrant colors and captivating personalities, some breeds stand out not only for their beauty but also for their rarity and, consequently, their price. In Pakistan, a country renowned for its rich avian diversity, you’ll find some of the most expensive and sought-after lovebird breeds. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 5 expensive lovebird breeds in Pakistan.

Albino Love birds

Albino Love birds price in Pakistan

Albino lovebirds are known for their stunning all-white plumage and striking red eyes. Their rarity and unique appearance make them one of the most expensive lovebird breeds in Pakistan. These birds are highly sought after by avian enthusiasts and collectors. Albino Lovebirds are not only captivating but also relatively rare, which contributes to their high price tag in the avian market in Pakistan.

Parblue Love birds

Parblue Love birds price in pakistan

The Parblue Lovebird is another fascinating breed found in Pakistan. These lovebirds boast a unique mutation that gives them stunning shades of blue in their plumage. The parblue mutation enhances their visual appeal, making them highly coveted among bird collectors. The rarity of this mutation adds to the breed’s exclusivity and, consequently, its price.

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Turquoise Decino Love birds

Turquoise Decino Love birds price in pakistan

Turquoise Decino Lovebirds are a true gem in the world of lovebirds. Their name itself is a testament to their extraordinary beauty. These lovebirds exhibit a mesmerizing turquoise hue in their feathers, making them stand out from the crowd. What makes them even more special is the decino mutation, which enhances their colors, making them even more vibrant and stunning. This unique combination of turquoise and decino features sets the Turquoise Decino Lovebird as one of the top expensive lovebird breeds in Pakistan.

Opaline Love birds

The Opaline Lovebird is another captivating breed that demands attention. These lovebirds exhibit a beautiful opalescent sheen on their feathers, giving them an ethereal and enchanting appearance. Opaline Lovebirds are known for their affectionate and playful nature, making them delightful companions. Their rarity and the exquisite opaline mutation make them a cherished addition to any avian enthusiast’s collection.

Violet Love birds

Last but certainly not least, we have the Violet Lovebird, known for its striking violet plumage. These love birds are a visual feast with their vibrant and captivating colors. The violet mutation in their feathers adds a touch of elegance that is hard to resist. As one of the rarer color mutations in love birds, Violets are highly sought after, making them one of the top expensive lovebird breeds in Pakistan.

In conclusion, Pakistan is a treasure trove for lovebird enthusiasts, offering some of the most exquisite and expensive lovebird breeds in the world. From the pure white beauty of Albino Love birds to the opalescent charm of Opaline Love birds, each breed brings its own unique allure to the avian world. While the rarity and unique mutations of these breeds contribute to their high prices, they also make them highly coveted among bird collectors and enthusiasts.

If you’re considering adding a touch of avian elegance to your life, exploring these top 5 expensive love birds breeds in Pakistan is a delightful place to start. Their beauty and charm are bound to captivate your heart, just as they have done for countless others in the world of avian aficionados.


1. What makes love birds in Pakistan so expensive?

  • Lovebirds in Pakistan can be quite expensive due to factors such as their rarity, unique mutations, and high demand among bird collectors and enthusiasts.

2. Are these expensive lovebird breeds readily available in Pakistan?

  • While some of these lovebird breeds can be found in Pakistan, they are often considered rare and may not be readily available in the pet market. Enthusiasts often seek them out through specialized breeders.

3. How can I differentiate between the various lovebird breeds mentioned in the article?

  • Lovebird breeds can be distinguished by their unique plumage colors and mutations. In the article, we’ve highlighted the distinct features of each breed to help you identify them.

4. What is the approximate price range for these expensive lovebirds in Pakistan?

  • Prices for these lovebirds can vary widely depending on factors such as age, mutation, and availability. Generally, they can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

5. Are these expensive lovebird breeds suitable as pets, or are they primarily for collectors?

  • While these breeds are often sought after by collectors, they can also make wonderful pets for those who are dedicated to providing them with proper care and attention. Their beauty and charming personalities make them appealing companions for bird lovers.

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